Category: Reputation Management

Getting “Londoned” – losing your email account

This is the collation of last week’s interesting APWG mailthread on getting “Londoned”, when your GMail/Facebook/… account is compromised and all your contacts get a message like: Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling… am presently in London, United Kingdom on short vacation and as i write to you now.. its unbelievable…

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Reputation as a Service

I don’t remember who it was they were quoting yesterday morning at Sun’s Let’s Talk breakfast presentation on Cloud computing, but Facebook being defined as “Friendship as a Service” kinda made sense. In which case LinkedIn would be “Reputation as a Service”, I guess, and as Reputation Management as a business slowly starts to take…

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Vanity Validator

Wired’s Vanity Validator widget for iGoogle, found on the Julia Allison Wired article: How famous are you online? Inspired by Chris Anderson’s best-selling book, The Long Tail, this gadget uses Google’s PageRank™ technology to give you a number based on how many good websites mention the name you enter. Try for yourself: What’s your score?…

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