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Getting “Londoned” – losing your email account

This is the collation of last week’s interesting APWG mailthread on getting “Londoned”, when your GMail/Facebook/… account is compromised and all your contacts get a message like: Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling… am presently in London, United Kingdom on short vacation and as i write to you now.. its unbelievable…

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A saphe Xmas

The Xmas season is upon us, as evident by the Xmas trees appearing in shopping malls, and the Xmas promotions filling up our (e-)mailboxes. One such Xmas promo is PayPal’s (Australia). If you’ve got a PayPal account, you probably received it too. It sends you (after going through their email tracking system on to…

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Australian Internet Censorship

My take on the “Clean Feed” filter, aka the “Rudd Filter”. But first this. A 2006 UQ study found that road accidents, more than 25,000 serious injury accidents each year, cost Australia $17 billion each year. That’s about 68 serious injuries everyday. Drunk driving is illegal. It can kill yourself, and it can kill others….

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XSS/Phising with PDF

There’s currently a lot of chatter on the securityfocus mailing list about the pdf-javascript vulnerability disclosed by Stefano Di Paola and Giorgio Fedon last week at 23C3 in Berlin (original advisory),making new ajaxy worms or XSS possible. Adobe did put out an Acrobat fix, but lots of people don’t often upgrade Acrobat reader. Affected versions…

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Policing the net

There is a thread running at the OpenDNS blog about handling cybersquatters, domain names which look like the real deal, typo’s by the user for example, but point somewhere else (ex. vs, a tactic also used by phishers. Internet companies, like OpenDNS, are taking up policing the internet, to protect their users from…

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Switched to OpenDNS today.  Really easy.It should be faster (well, that is if you’re on mainland USA – I’m not), with a bigger cache.It’s smart too, if you do a typo like, it will automatically redirect to the correct .com address.If you made some other typo, you’ll get a list of possibilities (this is…

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Is your PC vulnerable?

Spycar is a tool to test your PC’s defences (anti-spyware apps, firewall,…)At its inception, Spycar performs 17 different tests associated with Autostart Programs, IE Config Changes, and Network Settings changes.  All Spycar tests focus on Windows machines, the most popular target for spyware today.Get it here.

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