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Firefox Reader View

I’ve been working a bit on, which used to be a single page site initially, but got an additional landing page for puppy class enrolment. Upon the latest Firefox update, a popup showed up pointing Firefox users to the Reader View, which is similar to Safari’s Reader view. Not that this is a particularly…

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What happened to the design? CSS Naked Day April 9

Yes, it’s international CSS Naked Day today! That’s why everything looks a bit black and white (and blue). You wonder why? CSS Naked Day is about raising awareness about Web Standards and accessibility, the proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a decent hierarchy structure. It’s time to show off my gorgeous <body>! To know more…

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Mapanui at Barcamp Sydney 4

Did a repeat of my Ignite presentation from last Wednesday at Barcamp, minus the 15sec rule. Went a lot smoother, I thought. Lots of positive feedback, from fellow web devs, and others alike. Thanks for that! Presentation available on Slideshare. And while you’re at it, have another look at my MarkUpAsAnAPI presentation from last year’s…

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