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Walk around Bradley’s head

I love what Google did with their Google Nigh Walk in Marseille, and would love to do something similar locally (if anyone else is up for it too). I have been doing quite a bit of spheres lately myself. First using the iPhone, a Motrr Galileo (on a light tripod) and the iOS TheSphere app….

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Pistolets and charcuterie

Belgian pistolets, or kadetjes, are unrivaled anywhere in the world. They come in different sizes and origins: white, brown, light, crusty,… They are always eaten day-fresh. Pistolets are always covered with something like charcuterie, cheese, prepared spreads, confiture (jam) or chocolate spread. Optionally, you’d add fresh butter (or margarine if you really have to). See…

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Paprika potato chips

Paprika potato chips are by far my favorite chips variety, yet they don’t seem to be available anywhere else but a few European countries? But roast chicken, honey soy chicken, Ceaser salad… are options here, really? Please Lays, introduce this in Australia! “Extremely tasteful”, absolutely!  

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