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Browser zooming and CSS layout issues

Browsers have a zoom functionality, to zoom in or out, enlarging or shrinking the content in the browser window (using CTRL plus scrollwheel on mouse, or CTRL with + or -). I guess most of the time (no research here), people would zoom in, enlarging elements on screen to improve legibility. There’s also an option…

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CSS eleven

Andy Clarke introduced "CSS Eleven" (a pun on Ocean’s Eleven – he’s George Clooney) at Web Directions South and WebJam, bringing together 11 web designers from around the globe to kick some butt at the W3C CSSWG and get things moving in the CSS standards movement. They want to set up some use cases, solutions…

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Congrats CSS!

It’s 10 already! "In 2006, the World Wide Web Consortium proudly celebrates the ten years of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the technology designers use to create attractive, economical, and flexible Web sites. In these pages you will find history and highlights from 10 years with style."CSS10 – The pressrelease

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