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Mapanui at Barcamp Sydney 4

Did a repeat of my Ignite presentation from last Wednesday at Barcamp, minus the 15sec rule. Went a lot smoother, I thought. Lots of positive feedback, from fellow web devs, and others alike. Thanks for that! Presentation available on Slideshare. And while you’re at it, have another look at my MarkUpAsAnAPI presentation from last year’s…

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Mapanui at Ignite Spatial

Next Wednesday I’ll be presenting Mapanui at Ignite Spatial: What if a presenter could tell you their spatial story within 5 minutes? They have 20 slides, and each slide lasts for 15 seconds. You vote for your favourite presentation. That’s Ignite Spatial. Ignite Spatial is on Wednesday, 12th of November at the Occidental Hotel. Doors…

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beyond the MashUp − WhereIs Contest

Woohoo! Mapanui was voted one of the 5 finalists of the Australia wide WhereIs/Sensis contest “beyond the MashUp”. Quite happy with that (and the Navman GPS I won)! Read the bit (about the winner) at ZDNet. And about the contest finalist over at AIMIA.

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